My Book; Having Faith.

Hello all, I have started to write an erotic fiction book, and would like some feedback, please don’t be mean as I will delete these comments, but I do welcome honest criticism. (this is the rough version, before I have corected/altered anything) thankyou!

Having Faith.

As she was sitting at the bar, Faith noticed a man across the room glancing at her, she is a beautiful woman who gets a lot of attention from men and women alike, so she is used to these situations. He was taking more interest with every glance, and although he was an attractive man faith wasn’t out to meet people tonight, she just wanted to wind down for the evening, especially after the few day’s she had. She turned away from the man and ordered another drink, a mohito. She thanked the bartender, max, a young guy in his late twenties, and she asked him to keep an eye on the drink while she went to the ladies. The bar wasn’t busy as it was midweek and there weren’t many people to serve, so with a sweet smile max said “sure”.

In the restroom Faith splashed her face with cool water and looked in the mirror, the reflection looking back at her looked slightly tired but still very attractive, she had always been naturally beautiful, even as a teen. Now in her early twenties, she has naturally blonde hair, misty blue eyes and a creamy complexion. Standing at just 5ft, not including her stiletto’s, her frame is petite but curvy. She has always been buxom, with a small waist, a full chest and hourglass hips.

As she re-entered the bar from the restroom she saw the man who had been watching her had moved from his seat to the bar stool next to hers. She stood for a moment and thought about how she could brush him off. “I will be firm but polite” she thought. Faith wasn’t a rude person so she could never be blatantly mean, although she was quite able to speak up when necessary.

She started to walk towards the bar where she was sat earlier, her hips swayed wonderfully as she walked, the man heard her heels on the wooden floor and turned around to see her. She could see that he was attracted to her by the way he watched her, his mouth slightly ajar, his eyes perusing her body, he looked almost mesmerised. Although she wasn’t interested, the attention felt great.

She got to the bar and sat down, max came over and put a straw in her drink, as he did this he glanced at the man and raised his eyes at Faith, gesturing that he would tell the man to go elsewhere if she wanted, Faith smiled at him to let him know that wasn’t necessary. Faith had known max for about a year now, from coming into the bar with friends. As she got to know him she would come in after work occasionally, for a mohito and a chat. They both also lived locally so they bumped into each other allot, and although they weren’t very close there was some definite chemistry between them.

Max backed off and went to serve some punters at the other end of the bar. The man turned to faith and smiled, “is he always that protective?” he said in a jokey way. “He is just looking out for me”, faith said, “we get some strange people in here”. “aah I see, im strange looking am i” the man laughed, Faith looked him up and down, he was actually very attractive, she felt slightly embarressed about what she had said, she didnt mean it like that. “Erm…no….I….I..didn’t mean…” The man laughed “Im only playing with you” he said “Im sure a gorgeous girl like you attracts allot of attention, its good that you have someone to lookout for you”. Faith smiled at him and sipped her drink through her straw. She felt strangley attracted to his self sure attitude.

She had a stressful week at work, and the compliments did make her feel quite nice so she decided to humour him for a while. “So, I don’t want to be invasive but why are you here all alone on a Wednesday night?” he asked. Although Faith had never met the man before now, she felt at ease in his presence and found him easy to talk to. “I just needed a break from the norm, Iv had a stressful couple of days at work” , “I usually come here with a group of friend’s on a friday, but i needed some time by myself”

“what do you do?” said the man, “Im a secretary for A. Chalmers law firm, but ive been having some trouble with the new girl”

“The new girl?”

“yes, there are three secretaries at the firm, Me, a gay guy called David and now a young girl has just started” The man could obviously tell that this was a sore subject for Faith, but he asked about it no less. “so, has this new girl got a name then?”. Faith answered rather abruptly “yeah, Carrie!” “why have you got a problem with this new girl?” he asked. “I haven’t got a problem with her!” Faith said, somewhat contemptibly “she has a problem with me!” And with this Faith told the man that she had to leave as she had an early start in the morning. He seemed slightly disappointed at her having to leave, and realising that he had obviously hit a nerve he apologised “I’m sorry if I’ve annoyed you with my intrigue, I just don’t know when to shut up! ” “Its all right” said Faith “really, I should be getting home anyway” She called max over so she could pay for her drinks, max nodded over at the man she was talking to. He had paid for them earlier. “Thank you” she said as she turned to walk away, he grabbed her hand gently and with a smile he said “she is probably jealous you know, this girl, jealous of your beauty and intellect, and jealous of all the handsome men who embarrass themselves trying to talk to you”. Faith couldn’t help but laugh a little at his cocky smile and cheeky confidence “flattery will get you nowhere” she said with a look that let him know she liked it. As she took back her hand he had placed what looked like a small business card in it, Faith smiled and waved a goodbye to max, and as she left, both men watched her walk away.

Faith didnt live far from the bar so she walked home. When she got in it was around 10.30pm, she wasn’t hungry as she had eaten at the bar, so she decided to go straight to bed. She lived in a small town house that her dad had given her for her 21st birthday. She absolutely loved her house, not just because it was beautiful but because her dad had given it to her. Faith and her father had never really been close when she was young but as she got older their relationship got better, and as her dad was a property developer, and a pretty good one at that, he had decided to give her something that meant allot to both of them.

Faith went straight upstairs to her room, she went in and opened the window slightly, to let in some air, as it was late July and the evenings were quite muggy.

She closed the blinds and started to undress. She took off her fitted blazer and hung it in the walk in wardrobe, then she took off her black stiletto’s. Next she unzipped her black tube dress and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it, picked it up and put it in the wash bin. She was standing just in her underwear now, a bright pink bra and thong set, with a matching suspender belt and black silky stockings. Her job requires her to dress smart all the time, and she gets fed up with the black and grey tones of most of her work attire, so she always wears bright underwear! She sat on the bed for a while contemplating the day. she noticed the card that the man from the bar had given her, lying on the floor. She picked it up, it had a little picture in the corner of a clay figure, and it read: Nick Redgrave, Artist/sculpture. Their was a mobile phone number and an email address on it. Faith thought about the man she had met in the bar, Nick, she thought how handsome he was, she pictured his dark hair, just long enough to be scruffy but still look good. He was dressed casually but he looked very smart, with slim dark denim jeans, black sneakers and a polo shirt. She thought about his cheeky smile and how he had looked at her so longingly, she layed back on the bed. She remembered the way he grabbed her hand, firm but not too hard. She couldn’t stop thinking about him, she tried to stop but she kept seeing him in her head, She wondered what would have happened if she had stayed longer at the bar, she ran her hands all over her body, feeling her smooth skin, imagining they were Nicks hands. She cupped her breasts and squeezed them gently, her nipples started to get hard. she moved her right hand down, past her naval, still caressing her breasts with her left hand. She rubbed the front of her underwear for a moment, teasing herself, she then moved her fingers in-between her legs and rubbed her pussy through the fabric of her thong, she could feel the shape of her pussy lips through the fabric, which was starting to get damp. Faith opened her legs more, so she could access her pussy with ease. She moved her right hand up again to meet her left, and played with her breasts some more, her nipples were now so hard she could feel them through her bra, she pulled the straps over her shoulders slightly and pulled cups of her bra down so her breasts were out fully, she squeezed them and pinched her nipples. Faith was so turned on, her pussy was damp and almost throbbing, she moved her right hand down again, slowly, she was still thinking of Nick, he was very tall and manly, he could easily dominate her. She pictured him touching her, kissing her, she slid her hand under her thong and rubbed her pussy lips, they were hot and swollen, she played with her clit a little and then pushed her index finger inside her hole, she moaned with pleasure as it entered her, she was already wet now but her pussy was tight, she pushed it in and out, then she used another finger, pushing them deeper, she pictured Nick being the one fingering her, with his big manly hands, his body close to her watching her wriggling and squirming around with pleasure! It didn’t take her long to cum, she moaned and squealed and arched her back, her orgasm was intense and her body shook. her thong was soaked with cum.

She slipped out of her underwear, turned out the light, climbed into bed and fell asleep pleasantly exhausted.

The next day bright and early Faith awoke feeling fresh and optimistic about the day ahead. Faith got dressed, lacy blue underwear set with beige stockings, a black pencil skirt, white fitted shirt and her trademark stiletto heels. Faith loved her high heels, she could never have enough of them! As she did her makeup, a small amount of tinted moisturiser, a light blush, red lipstick and a touch of mascara, she thought about the day ahead “If Carrie is rude to me today i shall pull her up on it” she said to herself in the mirror “I will not be a push over”.

When she arrived at work David and Carrie and some of the other workers were all ready there, having a cup of tea in the staff room. “Hya all”, Faith said. “Allo chick” David replyed in his camp accent “how are you this morning my lovely?” Carrie had left the room. “Im good today thanks Dave, right, lets get to that office, see if we can finish early today, that’l be nice wont it!” “cant argue with that” said dave as he followed Faith to the office.

The secaretarys office is at the front of the building, it has three desks, a few filing cabinets, its own photo copy room and a reception window. Faith worked at the reception window. The job wasnt hard, just answering phone calls, greeting and dealing with customers, filling documents, dealing with emails etc, and directing David and Carrie. It suited Faith perfectly, she liked to be able to organise things and have a bit of control, as at home she was quite messy and unorganised (apart from her stilleto’s and shoes, they were all perfectly organised in her wardrobe!) The day dragged and by 1.00 Faith decided it was lunch time and closed the reception. Carrie went to the staff room, “are you coming for a cuppa Dave?” Faith asked him “Nah, im out for lunch today, im meeting me toy boy for a picnic in the park” and with that he gave a wink and left. “Great” thought Faith a whole hour with just Carrie! In the staff room Carrie was sitting in a chair with her feet resting on the table, she was reading a magazine. Carrie was an attractive girl in her early twenties, she had mid lenght glossy auburn hair, a slim frame but she still had noticable curves even though her bust was petite. She was wearing a tight red vest top, a black mini skirt, black glossy stockings and some black heels, not as tall as Faiths heels though! She stood a few inches shorter than Faith but her legs seemed very long perched on the table, Faith couldnt help but glance up her skirt as she walked past, although she only saw a flash of white underwear.

“Do you fancy a cuppa?” Faith asked her “yeah, go on then” When Faith had made the tea she sat down opposite Carrie and asked her what she was reading “just a silly mag, you wouldnt like it” Said Carrie with a bit of a smirk. “How do you know that, you dont know me!” Faith was shocked at Carries ubrupt rudness, She always had a slight attitude with Faith and acted very shirty towards her, and Faith had no idea why. “Theres not enough big words in here for you” Carrie laughed, said “thanks” for the cup of tea and then went outside for a cigarette. Faith was stunned by her sheer rudness, and what did she mean by that? “Ill deffinatly confrunt her about it later” thought Faith, she finished her tea and ate the pasta she brought to work with her and then went back to the office. Carrie and David came back in shortly after. Faith had to photo copy some documents so she asked Dave to take her place at the front desk. The photo copying room is only small and you wouldnt get more than three people in thier, its more like a photo copying cupboard really! Faith hadn’t been in thier long when Carrie came through the door, “Faith, could you please show me how to use that thing properly, i can never get it to work!” Faith was so taken back by carrie’s politeness that she forgot about earlyer in the staff room and agreed to show her.Even though they were both small, it was still a bit of a squeese with both girls leaning over the copying machine. Faith showed Carrie what to do, as she did, she thought to herself “Carrie can be nice after all!” “there you go, then you just press copy and your done, easy!” Carrie laughed “what’s funny?” proclaimed Faith. “Nothing, just, your so…” “so what??” said Faith knowing that Carries politeness wouldnt last long. “Your just so perfect! In your perfect heels and perfect outfits” Carrie was being very patronising. Just then all the moments from the past few weeks flooded back into Faiths memory, all the nasty glances and sarcastic comments. Faith felt silly that she had been so gullable and had let her guard down. Carrie went on “Like you know how to do everything, and your always happy and cheery, its just not normal!” Faith looked at Carrie, just standing there judging her, making her feel silly for being kind and forgiving, and after she just helped her too! It annoyed her so much! She just couldnt ignore it anymore! “How dare you laugh at me, You cant ridicule me for being nice to you, helping you! I always let your little comments slide, Well not any more, this is the LAST time i let you speak to me like that!!” Faith was practicly shouting when she finished. Carrie looked shocked for a moment, then she moved towards Faith until they were practically touching, with her lips gently brushing on Faiths ear, she spoke softly and quickly “so…… what are you going to do, huh?” She seemed to be testing her patience, “Are you going to…punish me?..”

Faith wasnt sure how to take this, she found herself confused and slightly aroused, she couldnt find an answer.

With this Carrie grabbed her photo copys from the machine and turned to leave, as she walked out the door she said with a giggle “you know, your very attractive when your angry!” then she left. Just like that!

Faith just stood there, stunned, she felt annoyed that Carrie had ignored her rant, frustrated that she hadnt been shocked and appolagetic like she had hoped she would. For someone who cares allot about other peoples feelings, It upset her to think that Carrie didnt care how she had made her feelover tha past few weeks. Faith just stood their, in that small room feeling helpless and rather foolish. She didnt realy know what to make of Carries comment.

Faith finished her photo copying, compiled herself and went back into the office. David had obviously heard all the shouting and looked slighty worried. He got up out of the seat as Faith aproached him “you alright?” he asked, puzzled. “Yes Im fine” Faith answered straight away.

She wasnt fine, she felt embarresed that Carrie had confused her like that, she glanced over to her desk where she was sitting, and Carrie was grinning at her. After, the atmoshpere was thick, Faith didnt speak to Carrie at all for the rest of the day. They didn’t finish early!

Faith was glad to get home that night, as she walked down her street the air was dense and had no breeze, she could smell the summer flowers and she could hear the laughter of children playing. Faith loved the summer. When she got in she immediatly collapsed onto her sofa, she kicked off her shoes, tucked her feet up and let out a sigh of releif to be back in her comfort zone again. After half an hour or so of falling asleep on the sofa Faith decided to have a nice hot bath before bed, she went upstairs, ran the bath, undressed and climbed in the tub. Almost an hour later she got out the tub sleepy and ready for bed, she patted herself down with her pink towel in front of the mirror. Admiring the way she looked, although most women have hang ups about thier bodys Faith was very happy with hers. All sorts of thoughts were running through her mind “Why had Carrie been so mean to me over the past few weeks?” “I havent done anything nasty to her, not that i know of. For god’s sake, its like being back at school!!”

Thats when it dawned on her that maybie that guy from the bar, Nick, had been right. “Maybie Carrie is jelous, maybie she is mean just to spite me?” Faith always tried to see the good in everyone, so she brushed these thoughts to the back of her mind and got into bed, it was very humid that night so Faith didnt wear her pj’s to bed.

she felt so emotionally drained from the day she had that she fell straight to sleep.

The next day went on as usual, but you could feel the tension in the air, Faith and Dave both felt somewhat uneasy, but Carrie seemed unnafected by the events of the previous day. This annoyed Faith even more as she thought Carrie might have started to feel a little bit giulty atleast! The day went slowly for Faith, but she was looking forward to the eveing as Her and Dave had arranged to meet some friends at the local bar. They all packed up and left at around 4.30pm and as they were leaving Dave said to Faith “Ill see you tonight sweetie, at around 7ish, that alright?”. As Faith started to walk away she turned and shouted back to him “yeah deffinatly babe, ill see you there, get the drinks in wont you” she winked at him and laughed, she noticed Carrie was watching her walk away.

At around 6pm Faith started to get ready to go to the bar, although it was only a few friends she wanted to look good, as she always felt her best when she looked her best. She had a long shower washing her hair and shaving her legs, making sure they where extra smooth. She got out and looked in the mirror, Faith loved to see her naked body after a shower, her creamy skin wet and glistning. She towled herself down and dried her hair, she gave her blonde locks bohemian style waves, applied her makeup, dark misty eyes and a light glossy lip and got dressed. First her underwear, an all in one black lacy bustier with popper buttons to undo the crotch, and attached stocking holders. She wore a lose 8o’s style tee-shirt with a funky print on the front and tucked it loosley into a tight black denim skirt. She pulled on her sheer black stockings and fixed them in place. Then the shoes, her favourite part of the outfit! Black sued ankle boots with a four inch heel. She put in some dangly feather earings and looked in the mirror. She felt great, ready to let her hair down and have a good laugh with her friends. She arrived at 7.15pm and saw Dave and her other two friends, Stacey and Kirsty, standing at the bar. Stacey was very tall and slim, with deep red hair and striking green eyes. Kirsty was average hight and curvy with a very big bust, which she used to her advantage! Faith had known both of them since school and they were all very close. She was happy to see her friends cheery faces, and went straight over to them. After a few drinks and lots of laughs, Stacy and Dave had hit the dance floor, while Faith and Kirsty Sat in a booth at the side of the bar where they had full view of the entrance. They started playing a game they made up one night where they had to rate each person who entered the bar between 1 and 10 for the way they looked, it was childish but always gave them the giggles! A middle age couple entered “five” said Kirtsy “aaw, ill give em a six” Faith giggled. “Ooooh ten, deffinatly ten!!” Kirtsy exlaimed as an old man entered the bar! “what are you like Kirst, go on then chat him up i dare you!” both girls laughed as the old man smiled at them and nodded in thier direction. “Now thats more like it” Kirsty said, sounding more serious than before “he is gorgeous! mm mm heellloooo sailor!!”. “Oh god….” Faith squeeled “do you know that hunk??, oh, please say you know him” kirsty joked. “Thats the guy from the other night, that Nick i told you about!” “nooooo” proclaimed Kirsty “he’s come to see if your here again! You told him you come here on a friday, oooooh he lliikkkeesss you” tormented Kirsty. At this moment Nick noticed the girls looking, he smiled and started to walk towards them, Faiths heart raced, “What if he sences i was thinking about him the other night, i wont be able to look at him!” She quickly snapped herself out of it “dont be so silly!” she thought. He aproached the girls booth, “well hello again” he grinned “of all the bars…” Faith smiled “are you stalking me?” she joked, she couldnt help but notice how good he looked, how nice he smelt. “Nah, i dont stalk on a friday, its my day off” Nick joked, “can i get you ladies a drink?” “oh erm, sure, sorry this is my friend Kirsty” Kirsty put out her hand to shake, Nick kissed it and said “well hello”. “so its one mohito and…..” “and a baileys please, no ice” Kirsty answered him with a smile. Nick went to get the drinks, “oh my god oh my god, i know you said he was cute but wow! And he is so into you, i can tell!” Kirsty was nodding encoragingly “dont be silly, i barely know him” said Faith “besides im not looking for anyone at the moment”. “i know i know, but he seems realy sweet, and just look at that butt!!” The girls giggled some more. Nick came back with the drinks, “there you go girls”, “thanks…. Nick. Excuse me will you…” Kirsty took a gulp of her drink and went to join David and Stacey on the dance floor. Faith could see Kirsty telling the others about Nick, they were all smilling and giggling.

“Do they no something i dont?” Nick laughed, as he put a straw in Faiths drink. “dont be silly” Faith laughed nervously, she couldnt stop remembering the other night, when she was thinking about him, thinking of him touching her. “Are you okay” asked Nick “you seem a little distant”. “Im fine thank you, just been a long week thats all” “I remember you telling me” Nick smiled sweetly, “drink up then” he raised his glass, they toasted and downed thier drinks. A few hours and a few more mohitos later Faith and Nick decided to join the others on the dance floor, Nick led the way. Stacey and David introduced themselves, they all seemed to hit it off with Nick right away.

By 11.00pm Faith was quite tipsy, her and Nick had been glancing at each other all night. “Were gunna go sit down for a bit” Stacy said as her Dave and Kirsty left the floor. Now faith and Nick were dancing in front of each other, there where about 30 other people on the dance floor, and it was only a small bar, so it was quite crouded. Nick moved closer to Faith, the whole time looking at her, she felt drawn to him, in a way that she hadnt felt before. They got closer and closer, until thier bodys were almost touching, then Nick put his hands on Faiths hips and with a quick tug, pulled her against him. Faith felt strange, nervous but excited her pulse became faster and her body tingled. Nicks hands wondered over her body, carresing her back and shoulders as they danced. Faith didnt usually dance like this with men, especially those she barely knew! She just couldnt help it, it was as if something was making her do it, some primal instinct deep within her. There body’s swayed together in rythom, the music seduced them both, Faith felt Nicks body through his clothes, she could feel his muscles underneath his shirt, his big strong arms. The top of his legs felt big and muscular under his black tight jeans, Faith thought they would burst out! She continued to explore his body as they danced.

A while later Stacey came over and said she was going to the ladies, Faith excused herself and followed, Nick watched her go, she found it hard to look away from him, as if her eyes were stuck in his direction.

In the restroom Faith checked herself in the mirror. “Blimey girl” said Kirsty “you got it bad don’t ya!!” “what do you mean” Faith answered “you two cant keep your hands off each other!!”. Faith realised how she had been dancing, how her and nick had been acting with each other. “Oh no! that’s terrible i cant believe i was being that way, oh…i…i usually.. well..”. “Hey! Don’t worry, your not doing anything wrong, silly!” Faith was slightly confused “but..i..i” “but you were dancing, so what, he’s gorgeous your gorgeous you looked great!” “well it felt kind of great…” Faith said. Kirsty carried on “its nice to see you smile, you seemed so down lately, anyone who can do that is alright in my books” Stacy shouted from a cubicle “amen sister!!” they all laughed. They left the restroom and Stacy and Kirsty went to order more drinks, Dave was talking to a guy at the bar. Faith went over and sat at the booth where Nick was “fancy seeing you here” Nick joked “your a great dancer!”. Before Faith could answer she noticed a girl entering the bar, it was Carrie!!

Nick could see that Faith looked shocked at something and turned around too see “oh” he said “that’s got to be the new girl, right?” “Erm…how did you know?…” Nick just smiled. Dave came over to the booth “look who’s just walked in!” “you alright hunny?” Dave looked at Faith sympathetically “Yeah ovcourse, why wouldn’t i be?”. Dave went back to the bar and told the girls, they all looked at Carrie, who started to head in there direction. Carrie did look nice, she was wearing a tight pink tube dress, black heels and a black acid wash cropped jacket and she was holding a black clutch purse.

When Carrie got to the bar she looked over at Faith and smiled “Why has she come here!? ” Faith said, slightly annoyed “I bet i know why” Nick said with a smirk and a knowing look “go on then, why?” Faith asked him “enlighten me!” Nick was chuckling “well, she fancies you doesn’t she!” “what!?” Faith exclaimed “don’t be bloody ridiculas” Nick laughed again “I’m not, think about it, its like being at school, when you fancy someone you torment them don’t you?” Nick seemed excited by his thought, Faith laughed at Nick and shook her head, “you wish!” she said. She thought about what Carrie had said in the photo copying room. “so…… what are you going to do, huh? Are you going to…punish me?..”

Know she thought about it, it did seem kind of sexual. Faith hadn’t thought about it like that, until now. Carrie started to walk over to the booth “say nothing you!” Faith said to Nick with a smile. “Hey you!” Carrie spoke to Faith, she acted surprised to see her, “what are you doing here?” Faith remembered that Carrie had heard her and Dave talking about coming here after work. “we always come here Carrie, its our local bar”, “really, wow, iv never seen you here before” Faith knew that Carrie had never been here before, and she wondered why she would pretend she had.

“ive got to go to the little boys room” Dave said to Faith, she pleaded him with her eyes not to leave her alone with Carrie, but he winked at her sarcasticly and left the booth. Carrie sat down in his place opposite Faith. They looked at each other. Faith felt confused and frustrated. Dave and the girls stayed at the bar, hoping that Faith and Carrie would sort things out.

“so….” started Carrie “why did you look so disappointed when i came over, did i interrupt your date?” Faith answered reluctantly “I wasn’t disappointed, just a little shocked, and Nick is not my date!”. Carrie replied quickly “Shocked, why? oh so he’s your boyfriend then?”

“Not that it any of your business but no he is not, im single! And i was shocked you came over here because were not exactly the best of friends are we! You can barely say a nice word to me!”

Carrie smirked a little, she seemed to take pleasure in Faiths discomfort. “oh I don’t know about that!” Carrie lent in over the table towards Faith “i thought I was pretty nice in the copy room, didn’t you?”. Just then Nick returned from the toilets, he sat next to Faith. “Hello Carrie” he greeted her “iv heard so much about you”. “so you’ve been talking about me have you Faith? I obviously mean more to you than i thought” Carrie smiled at Faith looked directly into her eyes, Faith averted her gaze and laughed nervously. Nick could sense the tension and started talking “So Carrie, what brings you out tonight?” “well to be honest with you, im just looking to have a good time, I haven’t been out in so long as all my friends are at uni at the moment. So i thought id come out and see if i can meet some new ones! Plus there’s lots of attractive girls here!” She smiled as she said this and Nick started nudging Faith.

David Stacy and Kirsty came over and joined them at the booth with more drinks. They all carried on drinking and talking till it was about 1.30am, Faith and Carrie didn’t talk to each other much, but Carrie seemed to try and flirt with faith at every opportunity, sometimes with the encouragement of Nick. At one point Faith thought she felt Carrie rub her foot on the inside of her leg, she ignored it.

Carries flirting had become much more obvious to Faith now, and she wondered once again if Nick was right.

The bar was due to close soon so they all decided to head home. Stacy, Kirsty and David all lived in the same direction, so they headed off together. Nick offered to walk Faith home and Carrie said she lived round the corner, so Nick and Faith agreed to see her home. They all strolled along next to each other, Faith was in the middle. “Its so warm tonight” said Carrie as she took off her jacket. Faith noticed Carries breasts were larger than they seemed in work, and she could see her nipples were slightly hard, Carrie caught Faith looking and smiled at her. When they reached Carries flat she thanked them for the fun evening, and hugged Nick goodbye. She turned to Faith and leaned in for a hug, Faith was slightly unsure but didn’t want to be rude, as she had been fine with her this evening, so she accepted. Carrie put one hand over Faiths shoulder and one around her waist, she hugged her softly and kissed her cheek lightly, as she pulled away, her hand that was on Faiths waist moved lower and brushed over her bottom. Carrie turned and started up the stairs to her flat, “see you Monday Faith” She said with a grin “nice meeting you Nick” and she went in.

There was quiet for a moment. Nick looked at Faith “wow!” she replied quickly “shut up!” they both laughed. They walk to Faiths was lovely, they both talked and laughed. Faith learned that Nick was 27 and had been a paid artist for 5 years. He lived in flat above a small gallery not far from the area, where he sold his work. The more time she spent with him the more she liked him, he wasnt like other men she had met, he was friendly and funny. He had a bad boy, jack the lad kind of attitude but he seemed kind aswell. They almost walked past Faiths house, as they were laughing and joking.

“oh, here we are” Faith said nodding at her house “thank you for making tonight very enjoyable!” she smiled at Nick “I was thinking the same thing” he said “Im glad i went into the bar to check if you were there!” Faith laughed “I knew it!” They smiled at each other, flirting with there eyes, Nick took Faiths hands and pulled her close to him “are you going to invite me up” he asked tenderly. Her body was screaming, yes! yes! ask him in give in to your yearning!! “not tonight” Faith sighed, Nick nodded understandingly. He moved his right hand up her body, he brushed his fingers along her neck, he placed his hand at the base of her head, pulled her close and kissed her mouth. His lips were so soft! The kiss was firm, with open lips, Faith felt like she had no control, all the blood seemed to rush to her fingers and toes and make them tingle, the hair on her neck and arms stood on end and she thought she was going to melt. The kiss seemed to last a life time, and she definatly didn’t want it to end! When Nick finally pulled away Faith felt almost dizzy with lust, she was lost for words. “Can i see you again?” Nick asked Faith, she nodded “deffonatly!” She gave him her number and waved to him as she shut her front door. She immediately called Kirsty to tell her about the kiss!

The next morning Faith awoke with a slight headake, so she took some asprin, drank three glasses of water and ran herself a bath. As she lay in the bath she thought about the way Carrie had acted towards her last night, flirting with her and touching her. She wasn’t sure what to make of it, it turned her on to think about it, but she still felt so angry at the way Carrie had behaved at work the in weeks previous to last night. Faith had always found herself attracted to other females, ever since secondary school, although she had only ever experimented a little. A drunken kiss with a friend and some heavy petting under the covers when her and Stacey had shared a bed in there teens, but it never went any where, or got serious.

She started to think about the kiss she had with Nick. He had made her feel so good! She thought about how soft his lips were and how he pulled her close, the way her skin tingled with his touch. She poured some cream body wash into her hands and smoothed it over her naked body, it started to go bubbly as she rubbed it over her arms and breasts. She rubbed the wash all over her body, all the time thinking of Nick. Her hands moved down towards her pussy, she started to play with it. Then she remembered Carrie, and how good she had looked at the bar, she thought of the walk home, when she had noticed her nipples where erect, she started to feel very turned on. Faith sat up and lent over to the cabinet next to her bath, she opened one of the draws and took out a pink vibrator. She sat back and got comfortable, then she switched the viberator on. She ran it gently over her breasts, concentrating on her nipples till they were rock hard. She moved it down her body to her tingling pussy, she massaged her clit with it, starting off soft, then harder, rubbing her in circles until finally she came. she moved the vibrator down to her now, very wet hole, she pushed the tip of it inside herself and moaned with pleasure, she moved it in and out of her pussy, slowly at first, she began thinking about Carrie putting her hands on her hips last night and how she had touched her bottom. She thrust the vibrator harder, deeper inside her she moaned and gasped and imagined it was Carrie, fucking her with her fingers. Her body shudderd as her pussy pulsated and tightened around the vibrator, her breathing was fast and heavy, she let out a loud moan as she came all over the vibrator. She collapsed back and caught her breath.

Faith realised her headache had gone, she didn’t know if it was the asprin or the orgasm

Faith finished off in the bath and started to get ready for the day, she thought she might do a little shopping so she sent a text to Kirsty, asking her to meet her in town at their usual coffee shop. Faith started to get dressed, she put on her dark blue t-shirt bra and matching french knickers. She then pulled on her dark blue denim skinny jean’s and buttoned them up. They were her favourite jeans ever, they sat perfectly on her hips and they made her bum look great! Then she chose a camouflage printed vest top from her wardrobe. Faith could hear her phone going off downstairs, she went to check it, Kirsty had text her back telling her she was on her way to the coffee shop. Faith matched her outfit with a small black shoulder bag and a pair of pointed black stiletto heeled boots. She felt fabulous. She was heading for the front door when the phone rang, “hello..?” she answered. “hello gorgeous!” it was Nick! Faiths heart jumped. “hi” she said, happy to hear his voice “how are you?” she asked him. “Great after that kiss last night” said Nick. Faith smiled to herself and replied “it was a very nice kiss”. “would you like to go out tonight?” Nick asked her without hesitation, “maybe for a meal?” Faith felt excited “yeah, that sounds great” she said. Nick carried on “Excellent, ill pick you up at 7.00pm” .Faith answered him eagerly “yeah ok, see you then” faith waited for Nick to hang up the phone and then squealed to herself with delight! She hadn’t felt like this about a guy since secondary school, there was something about Nick that excited her and made her go all girly.

When Faith got into town, Kirsty was already at the coffee shop waiting for her. Faith immediately told her about her date with Nick that evening. “I knew he liked you” Kirsty started “I told you didn’t I, I said I could tell” she giggled. “I know” Faith replied, she joked with Kirsty “your always right aren’t you!, I really like him Kirst, there’s just something about him that makes me want him so badly!!” “Blimey girl, you got it bad!“ Kirsty chuckled “So where is he taking you then?” she asked. “I’m not sure” Faith answered pondering her friends question “he didn’t say on the phone, and I was to excited to ask!” Faith and Kirsty spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around town and getting the giggles a lot. Faith bought herself some new heels and a dress for her date with Nick that evening, she wasn’t sure where he was taking her, so she bought something practical but still sexy. Faith got home at about 5.30pm. She decided to get in the shower so she would be fresh for her evening with Nick. Faith made sure her legs were smooth, she used strawberry shampoo so her hair smelled gorgeous. She finished in the shower and started to get dressed, she took out the dress and heels she had bought in town earlier and put them on.

The dress was fitted and black with straps that hung just off of her shoulders, it ended a few inches above the knee and hugged her figure beautifully. Her heels where also black, but with a metallic silver heel and diamond detail on the front. Faith straightened her blonde hair and put on her makeup, a misty blue on her eyes and a pale lip. It was now around 6.45pm and Faith looked at the clock on her bedside table and started to get anxious. She had never been this nervous about a date before, but she liked it. It was a strange feeling, happiness, nervousness and excitement all at the same time. She went downstairs and waited in the sitting room. The ten minutes seemed like an hour, and then her doorbell rang. Faiths body tingled slightly as she headed for the door, she opened it to see Nick, looking even better than she remembered. “Come in” Faith said with a welcoming smile “Ill just be a sec!” Nick followed her in and sat on the sofa, “you look amazing” he said whilst checking her out. Faith grabbed her red coat and put it on, she put her matching red handbag over her shoulder “there I’m ready” she said. They left her house and headed down the street hand in hand. About halfway down the street Nick pulled some car keys out of his pocket and turned to face a shiny blue sports car parked at the road side. “Is this your‘s?” squealed Faith, she had never been into cars much, but this one was almost as beautiful as her new stilettos! “Yeah. You like it?” Nick replied as he unlocked it with a cocky smile. Faith rolled her eyes at him playfully and got in the car. Thirty minutes later they parked outside a restaurant called The Bigger Bistro. “Here we are” Nick pointed at the restaurant. Looking out the window Faith replied, “I cant believe I’ve never noticed this place before?!”

They got out the car and headed into the The restaurant, inside the lights were dimmed and the music was soft. A waiter approached them and asked if they wanted a table for two, Nick said he had made a booking under the name Redgrave, they were shown to there table, nick moved slightly and let Faith walk infront of him. Faith could practicly feel his eyes wandering all over her, she turned to glance at him, she had never been so nervous and he looked so together!

The booth they were taken to was at the far end of the restaurant, it was quiet but you could still hear the soft music playing. The seats were comfy and you could smell the vintage red leather with every movement. The white candle on the table was flickering and glowing. The waiter removed the reserved sign and replaced it with a food and wine menu.

“I know what wine you will like“, said nick. “Oh you do, do you?” smiled Faith sarcasticly. “yes, I shall order red wine, this one” he pointed to a wine in the menu, it read; wonderfully scented, deep sensual and amazingly smooth. This beautiful red is full of life and will perfectly compliment a meaty dish. See its just like you, and he smiled that cheeky smile and Faith couldn’t help but giggle.

Almost two hours had gone by, Faith hadn’t noticed. All she was focused on was Nick. He was wonderfully charming, he had just the right amount of funny, arrogance and he was ridiculously good looking. Faith wanted him NOW! She couldn’t work out if it was the wine or the way he kept looking right into her eyes but she couldn’t stop imagining him touching her! It was like she was under his spell. “Are you ok?” Nick asked placing one hand on hers, “I‘m fine” she replied “its just, well…” Faith had never been this forward with a guy before, but she remembered she was trying to change a pattern in her life so what the hell!! “Well its just I like you allot. I cant stop thinking how sexy you are” after she had said it, she felt a knot in her stomach. She looked at Nick, his eyes fixed on hers. She knew it, she had spoilt it, ruined it, she should have just stopped before she spoke, but before she could think any more Nick leaned in and kissed her. Right smack bang on the lips! It felt like it lasted an hour, her eyes were open the whole time, she couldn’t take it in at first. When Nick finally stopped kissing her, they both had to catch there breath. And then he spoke, “I’ve been thinking about doing that the whole night, I’m sorry if its too much this early on, I..”

And with that she kissed him back. They moved closer, there bodies pressed against one another, they melted together, slowly caressing each other . Nick was an excellent kisser, even better than Faith had imagined. When the kissing finally stopped they looked at each other and with realising that most people in the restaurant were now watching them they both laughed nervously.

“so said Faith, dessert?”

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